"Fans Trailer" - Hard Knocks/Cleveland Browns
"Starting from Zero": Hard Knocks/Tampa Bay Buccaneers Core Trailer*
"I Am Football" - Hard Knocks/LA Rams
"The Newsroom" Season 2 "B-Roll Tease"
Michael Jackson: "Above NY"
Sports Show with Norm Macdonald: "Donald Trump Roast Spot"
Britney Spears: "Elvis Tease"
Prince Naseem Hamed: "Psycho"
Ray Romano & Kevin James: "Making the Cut"
Paramount Comedy (Spain): "Comedian ID's"
Prince Naseem Hamed: "Landing"
Tracey Ullman: "Live and Exposed"
Sandra Bernhard: "Alanis"
Lennox Lewis: "Go Away"
Bill Maher: "Be More Cynical"
Chris Rock: "More More More"
Bruce Springsteen: "Conversation"
Garth Brooks: "Conversation"