I developed the overall concept and produced the graphic package and pilot episode for "The Buzz", HBO's prolific entertainment-news capsule, back in 2001. The original graphics used 3-D animation technology which was still new back in 2001 but now looks a little silly - check it out (in orange) below. The graphics have gone through various iterations since then, from very fancy, to their current stripped-down look, adapted to suit the format's power in the event-hungry social space. Turnaround time, from shoot to broadcast, is usually 24-48 hours.  We used to shoot them with one camera now we use as many as five. The Buzz does not seem to wear off ...

"Westworld" Premiere (Season 2)
"Spielberg" Documentary Premiere
"Westworld" Series Premiere (Season 1)
"Insecure" Series Premiere (Season 1)
"Game of Thrones" Season 6 Premiere
"Togetherness" Series Premiere (Season 1)
"The Brink" Series Premiere (Season 1)
Mayweather v Pacquiao
"Silicon Valley" Season 2 Premiere
Golovkin v Rubio
"True Blood" Season 7 Premiere
"Veep" Season 3 Premiere
"Eastbound & Down"/"Hello Ladies" Premiere Combo
"The Newsroom" LA Premiere
"Eastbound & Down": Buzz from Paleyfest
The Buzz Redesign: Title Sequence (2008)
The Buzz: "Eastbound & Down"
The Buzz: Pilot Episode (2001)
The Buzz: Def Comedy Jam '06